Anton Bauer Gold Mount Performance Series Dual Charger

  • JMD3,000.00/ Day

The Anton/Bauer Performance Series Dual Charger Gold Mount allocates the most power to the highest-charged battery first , ensuring that you’ll have a fully charged battery as soon as possible. The Performance Series is 40% more efficient than previous Anton/Bauer chargers by employing faster processing, using a smaller transformer in the power supply, and drawing less amps.

• Allocates the most power to the highest-charged battery.
• Supports simultaneous, multi-chemistry charging.
• 4-pin XLR output for powering your camera off of wall power or battery power.
• Assigns the best charge routine possible based on the battery’s cell chemistry.
• Assigns the best termination algorithm possible.
• Simple-to-use touchscreen activity, status, and management display.
• Ergonomic design with one-hand carry handle.
• Supports optional remote health and status management software features.